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  Chicago Style of Writing

Chicago style is a term used for the standards of writing set forth by the Chicago Manual of Style. Developed by the University of Chicago more than 100 years ago, this manual has become the definitive reference for publishers and writers worldwide. Covering each imaginable question about writing and editing, the Chicago Manual of Style continues to expand each year.

What is Chicago style based on? The manual today finds its roots in the same self-proclaimed virtues it has always held dear-namely, "consistency, clarity, literacy, good sense, and good usage." The goal of the Chicago style is to encourage writing that is consistent and clear, making communication more effective.

The English language is intricate, with numerous rules of style. From capitalization to punctuation and grammar, solid writing is about more than creativity. The Chicago Manual of Style has long been regarded as the number one reference for all your questions about the English language.

The History of the Chicago Manual Of Style

The manual itself dates back to the 1890s, when it was created as a one-page guide for typographic standards. While there are many ways of speaking English, the University of Chicago decided there needed to be a set of standards for the written word. While it was originally targeted to proofreaders within the University of Chicago, the Chicago Manual of Style has become the standard against which all text is measured.

It was first published in book form in 1906. Now, its influence has exceeded those modest beginnings. The manual has now become a writing reference for novelists, authors, newspaper reporters, editors, and indexers.

It has been revised thirteen times since its initial publication as a book. Covering everything from when to write out numbers to when to capitalize technological terms, the Chicago Manual of Style has included the most comprehensive information around. In fact, it has become standard for publications nationwide and beyond, from grassroots efforts to best selling books.

Arrange the items on your reference list alphabetically by author, interfiling books, articles, etc.

  • Double-space all lines.
  • Indent the second and following lines.
  • For ranges of page numbers, use an en dash instead of a hyphen.

Turabian Style

Modern day language has been revolutionized by the use of Turabian style. From its roots in the Chicago Manual of Style, this guide has become standard use for students and professors today. With a hard incline towards academia, the Turabian style has become one of the most widely used methods of documentation.

Perhaps one of the most important features of the Turabian Style is the Turabian manual itself. With its simple, straightforward language and comprehensive research paper guide, the manual is a universal resource for the modern writer. In fact, the Turabian manual guides the student through the entire process of writing, from start to finish.

Turabian style has also garnered acclaim as one of the best methods of documentation. Every solid academic paper needs sources, and Turabian style has one of the best methods of citation. In fact, the Turabian style has two alternatives for implementing documentation, to better suit the needs of the writer.

The primary function of the Turabian format is to give guidelines for footnote and/or endnote documentation, often required by historians and some humanities writers. The University of Chicago Press under the new title of The Chicago Manual of Style has reprinted more current versions of this manuscript format.

Arrange the items on your reference list alphabetically by author, interfiling books, articles, etc.

  • Indent the second and following lines 5 spaces.
  • If you are using a typewriter and cannot use italics, then use underlining.
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Chicago Style of Term Paper Writing, Term Paper Chicago Style, Chicago style paper, paper in chicago citation, how to cite in chicago style
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