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  Types of Term Paper

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A term (or research) paper is basically a record of intelligent reading in several sources on a specific subject. The job of writing such is not as dreadful as it seems, if it is thought out in advance as an unambiguous process with methodical perpetration.

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Types of Term Paper

Persuasive / Argumentative Term Paper:

An argumentative or persuasive paper requires to to present an argument and then defend it in your paper. An argument is a fact or assertion offered as evidence that something is true(wordnet.princeton.edu). For a paper to be effective, it is very important to strongly support your argument in your paper.

The strength of the author's argument depends on the strength of the supporting reasons provided in the paper. You will need strong supporting reasons for your argument. A strong supporting reason is a reason that can withstand critical scrutiny. It is often most useful to begin by setting out the position of at least one other person clearly and fairly. Then, analyze that position to identify its flaws. Last, turn to your position, giving good reasons for the position you take.

When writing a persuasive term paper keep these tips in mind:

  • You are trying to support an argument, not explore every aspect of the paper's topic.
  • Include your argument towards the beginning of the paper
  • If there are obvious disagreements with your argument you should mention them in your essay

Remember that your goal is to convince your skeptics. Write clearly and concisely and you can achieve this goal

Descriptive Term Paper

This type of paper is concerned mainly with providing the reader with factual information about a noun or an idea by means of description.

Description is principally concerned with providing answers to questions that begin with words like 'What is...?' or 'How does...?'. Therefore, in a descriptive term paper you do not explicitly present to the reader a specific point of view or a position (termed a 'thesis').

However, depending upon the topic you are dealing with, the way in which you provide the information and the facts you select to describe can allow you to implicitly present a particular point of view.

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  Research Paper
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