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  Parts of Research Paper

The Title Page
The title page, correctly spaced and centered, should contain the following material in the order given:

Title of paper
Secondary title (optional)
Full name of author
Submission statement
Date submitted.

The Dedication (optional)

The Preface (optional)
A preface may contain remarks that an author wishes to make about his or her interest in the topic of the paper and an acknowledgment of indebtedness for help of any kind.

The Table of Contents (optional in short papers)
Should you happen to have a long research paper, you may wish to have a table of contents on a separate page labeled TABLE OF CONTENTS. It should contain, with the page number:

The title of each chapter or division, followed by the title of each important subdivision (if this plan has been followed.)
The appendix or appendices, if the paper contains such.
The bibliography

The Outline
Most research papers have an outline with a statement of the controlling purpose instead of a Table of Contents. See pages 16 - 17 for examples of a topic and a sentence outline.

The Paper Itself
This is the final manuscript complete with footnotes and illustrative material of any kind. See page 49 for instructions in typing and numbering the manuscript.

Endnote Page
If all footnotes have been put on a separate page and numbered in the paper consecutively and therefore also consecutively on the special page, this page should follow the last page of the paper itself and immediately precede the Appendix or the Final Bibliography.

Final Bibliography
The final bibliography follows the text and the Endnote page--if you have one.

Appendix (optional)
Sometimes an appendix is a valuable addition to a research paper. It might contain some material which could be important to a reader but which you might not find place for in the text itself. This material could be a chronological or statistical table, a letter, a map, and the like.

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